Fluid bed drier 200S

A large two stage radial outflow turbine with a throughput of over 200 c.f.m ensures good fluidisation and fast drying. Air for the turbine is drawn through a large area washable filter and the flow regulated by a front panel control connected to the air inlet orifice.

A process timer is fitted for batch control work enabling drying periods from 12 seconds to 12 hours to be set. Temperature control is provided by an electronic unit covering an operational range from ambient to 100C. Safety features include a sensitive air pressure switch which automatically prevents the heaters from functioning if the air supply is inadequate or when the drying tub is removed.

Alternative sizes of drying tubs are available to meet specific requirements.

Fluid bed drier 200S
General Specification
Height of cabinet: 45.7 cm (18")
Width and depth: 50.8 cm (20")
Approximate nett. weight: 30 kg (66 lb)
Pressure volume with 100 mm diameter free exhaust: Min. 3 mm wg. 39 m/hr. (23 cfm); Max. 93 mm wg. 367 m/hr. (216 cfm)
Pressure performance with 0.2 m bag over sampling tub: Min. 13 mm wg.; Max. 200 mm wg. (7.9" wg.)
Vacuum hose: 6 mm (0.24 inches) bore


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