Fluid bed drier 350s

A portable self-contained Laboratory Fluid Bed Dryer, designed for small batch drying of materials where precise temperature and time control is important.

A unique feature of this instrument is the low noise level produced by the constant speed induction motor driving a nine stage outflow turbine unit.

Air throughput can be pre-set and maintained using the mechanical selection knob on the front panel whilst temperatures of ambient to 80 degrees centigrade are readily available from a high accuracy electronic controller and thermocouple sensing air temperature at the base of the sampling chamber.

A wide range of materials can be processed including organic and inorganic compounds, pharmaceuticals foods and fuels.

Improved features

  • Lighter weight
  • Reduced size
  • Improved temperature control
  • Alternative sampling jars available
Fluid bed drier 350S
Principle of operation:

The 350s is of compact design, simple to operate and easily portable. With low power requirements it will operate from a standard plug socket ( 10 amps) . A washable 5 micron filter is fitted to the rear of the cabinet which is easily removable for cleaning purposes. The filtered air is then moved through a 2kw heater unit where it is precisely monitored by an electronic temperature controller immediately below the drying tub. The exhaust bag will retain particles five micron and above and is easily removed for cleaning and/or sterilisation. The single tubs are available in glass or stainless steel and can be manufactured to customers specific requirements.

General Specification

Height of Cabinet: 37.0 cm
Width and depth: 35.5/45.5 cm
Approximate nett weight: 30 kg
Performance of Blower unit: 580 mm wg. (23" wg) at 85 m/hr (50 cfm)


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