Computer controlled spraying apparatus

Sprays may be accurately applied to a wide range of target shapes and sizes as defined by the computer programme selected. Tests with aqueous media, sprayed onto 9 cm petri dishes, showed good replication of the deposit with over 90% reaching the target.

The apparatus may be used in a standard fume cupboard or an external exhaust system could be fitted. The enclosed liquid reservoir is conveniently placed for easy filling or purging of the system. Most standard computers with a parallel printer port output can be used to drive the unit through a graphics or Word Processing software package.

A fully adjustable air pressure reducing valve and pressure gauge are fitted as standard. For ease of cleaning and to minimise possible contamination or corrosion, essential areas are finished in stainless steel.

General Specification

Height x width x depth: 40 x 51 x 61 cm (16 x 20 x 24 inches)
Maximum wkg. pressure: 138kPa (20 p.s.i.)
Capacity of reservoir: 20 ml
Approximate nett weight: 22 kg


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