Continuous recording air sampler

A NEW Personal Air Sampler designed for continuous operation over a 24 h period.

Air is drawn vertically through an impaction orifice mounted in the upper case of the instrument, where particles are separated from the air-stream with an efficiency greater than 90 per cent for those particles having an aerodynamic diameter of 5 Ám and above. The continuous movement of the glass slide below the orifice can be pre-set at 2 mm/h over 24 hours - 4 mm/h over 12 hours - or 8 mm/h over 6 hours. The total travel of the slide is 48 mm.

Operating on 12 v a.c. through a mains converter, the sampler is completely safe in domestic or hazardous areas. The 9100 is fitted with its own pump unit producing a quiet and smooth air movement. Many safety features are included to prevent misuse by non-technical personnel.

Continuous air sampler
General Specification
Air throughput: 10 l/min
Glass microscope slides: 26 mm x 76 mm (0.9-l mm thickness) to B.S. 3836
Overall height: 115 mm
Width: 118 mm
Length: 215 mm
Weight: 2.6 kg


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