Cyclone sampler for field operation

A continuous volumetric sampler with wind orientation using a single reverse flow miniature Cyclone with an air throughput of 16.5 l/min. The instrument offers High efficiency sampling in the 1 Ám range. Particles are collected directly into a 1.5 ml eppendorf vial where they can be transferred or analysed by immunological or microscopic techniques.

Using the cyclone system, continuous sampling can be carried out over long periods without overloading, loss or change of sampling efficiency. A non-filter based collection system allowing rapid preparation of each sample.

Construction and Equipment Details

The standard Burkard vacuum pump is fitted in the base of the sampler and is available for use on most voltages and frequencies. Manufactured from high quality materials the sampler is designed for long term operation in most countries of the world.

Portable sampler


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