Mycological/Entomological Instruments and Apparatus

1. Isolation plant propagator

Designed to provide up to 120 discreet environments for the propagation of healthy test plants and for the incubation of infections in isolation. The apparatus provides ventilation with spore free moistened air individually to each covered plant which is watered by wick feed from the supporting water trough. The propagator offers a saving of glasshouse space and may be used for the breeding of plants not treated with fungicides. Overall dimensions 2.0 x 1.2 x 1.5 metres high (without propagator pots). The apparatus will accommodate pots up to 35 cm in height.

Plant propagator
2. Seven-day recording volumetric spore trap

A compact unit with built-in pump, designed to sample airborne particles, such as fungus spores and pollens, continuously for periods of up to seven days without attention. Standard orifice size 2 x 14 mm. Alternative orifice size x 14 mm Voltages: 230-250 volts 50 Hz; 110-115 volts 60 Hz; 12 volts d.c.

Spore trap
3. Alternative lid assembly for 24-hour sampling

A completely interchangeable lid assembly for use with the 7-day recording spore trap. Samples can be recorded directly onto glass slide over a 24-hour period. The air throughput and sampling speed is identical to the standard drum system. The alternative head offers daily sampling whilst the 7-day drum system can be used for longer periods without attention. A similar lid assembly is available for the recording air sampler.

Spore trap sampling assembly
4. Continuous recording air sampler

A personal air sampler designed for continuous operation over a 24 hour period. Air is drawn vertically through an impaction orifice mounted in the upper case of the instrument, where particles are separated from the airstream with an efficiency greater than 90 per cent for those particles having an aerodynamic diameter of 5 m and above. The continuous movement of the glass slide below the orifice can be pre-set at 2 mm/h over 24 hours - 4 mm/h over 12 hours - or 8 mm/h over 6 hours. The total travel of the slide is 48 mm.

Continuous air sampler
5. Recording air sampler

A portable air sampler, weighing approximately 8.6 kg, with built-in outflow turbine pump designed for 24 hour or 7 day continuous impaction. The instrument is similar to the 7 day recording volumetric spore trap but has the impaction orifice mounted in the lid casting for vertical impaction within buildings or confined areas. A flowmeter with fitted adaptor can be supplied to measure the throughput at the orifice. The unit can be arranged for use on 240 v or 110 v a.c. or 24 v d.c. The alternative lid assembly for 24 hour sampling on to glass slide is available for this instrument.

Recording air sampler
6. Cyclone sampler for airborne particles

A new technique developed for the collection of airborne particles using a small reverse-flow cyclone. Offering: High efficiency retention of a wide range of captured particles. No danger of overloading with catch, and versatility of analysis through replicate sub-samples. Gentle capture and capable of development for sterile handling. Small flow resistance within the sampler so that low power, very quiet suction is adequate.

Cyclone sampler
7. High throughput 'Jet' spore and particle sampler

A portable high throughput trap for quantitative and non-destructive sampling of spores and other airborne particles from an air volume in excess of 600 litres per minute. The instrument will sample spore and particle matter in the 5-50 m range with an efficiency of 95 per cent. The trap is completely portable, manufactured from clear Perspex material which is light in weight and simple to operate. The normal operating voltage is 12 v d.c.

High throughput cyclone sampler
8. Personal volumetric air sampler

A volumetric portable air sampler weighing only 590 g for collecting airborne particle matter directly on to glass slides. Designed for short-term sampling in domestic or industrial environments particularly where no power supplies are available. The impaction orifice is mounted in the vertical plane and the instrument operates at a nominal air throughput of 10 litres per minute. Powered by a high precision d.c. motor the sampler is available for mains or battery operation and completely safe in domestic or hazardous areas. Changing of the glass slide is quick and simple through the knurled upper ring which can be rotated to the 'open' position marked by the alignment of the RED dots. The base of the device bears an 'on-off' switch and interval timer enabling operation time to be selected for 1-9 minutes. When the selector is set to '0' the turbine runs continuously.

Personal sampler
9. Portable air sampler for Agar plates

A very portable, volumetric air quality monitor, much used in culture rooms laminar flow cabinets and domestic environments for collecting bacterial and other particles direct onto culture medium in a 90 mm petri dish through a sieve plate with 100 holes (l mm diam.). Almost silent air throughput of 10 or 20 litres per minute can be provided by a standard Burkard turbine powered by rechargeable 6 v batteries to provide 3-4 hours continuous running (mains models available for 110 or 240 v). A sliding air control is fitted under the sampling chamber to allow rapid closure during sampling. The base of the device bears an 'on-off' switch and interval timer enabling operation time to be selected for 1-9 minutes. When the selector is set to '0' the turbine runs continuously.

Portable air-sampler
10. Cyclone sampler for field operation

A continuous volumetric sampler with wind orientation using a single reverse flow miniature cyclone with an air throughput of 16.5 l/min. The instrument offers high efficiency sampling in the 1 m range. Particles are collected directly into a 1.5 ml eppendorf vial where they can be transferred or analysed by immunological or microscopic techniques.

Cyclone sampler
11. Cyclone surface sampler

The high efficiency of small cyclones retaining particles from an air stream has been adapted to provide a convenient means of collecting dry surface deposits from a wide variety of materials. For applications in medicine the house dust allergen, pollens: or in agriculture, spores of plant pathogens, dusts from animals or in animal houses in industry for routine sampling of surfaces to ensure hygiene and help detect deleterious contaminants; for forensic and environmental pollution where it is necessary to sample substrates for particular microscopic contaminants.

Cyclone surface sampler
12. Multi-stage liquid impinger

This high precision version of the standard May liquid impinger provides a reproducible and highly consistent means of collecting particles and separating them into sized fractions. The design is robust and easy to clean and sterilise. As the fractions are collected into liquid, there is little chance of sample overload and a variety of sample culture methods can be used to assess the material collected.

Liquid impinger
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