Isolation plant propagator

Designed to provide up to 120 discreet environments for the propagation of healthy test plants and for the incubation of infections in isolation. The apparatus provides ventilation with spore free moistened air individually to each covered plant which is watered by wick feed from the supporting trough. The propagator offers a saving of glasshouse space and may be used for the breeding of plants not treated with fungicides. A portable and economic unit built to overcome the difficulties normally experienced with filtered air glasshouses, avoiding the risk of pathogens being introduced during frequent openings. The fast uniform air flow through the duct system ensures that the individual units are completely independent of each other. Isolation plant prop.
Healthy test plants grow free of developing infections when adjacent pots contain plants producing many viable spores. Test plants in the self-contained units can be transferred to the field for exposure and returned to the propagator for incubation. The balanced air flow in the propagator is maintained when pots are removed by fitting a simple blanking plates having the equivalent exhaust port. With certain ubiquitous pathogens it is essential that test seedlings are known to be free of developing infections when inoculated and exposed, especially when few infections are expected.

General Specification

  • The propagator provides filtered and moistened air to 120 removable units, each consisting of a plant pot and transparent plastic cover, with central flue conducting air from beneath the pot to exhaust at the junction between pot and cover.
  • A 25 mm water level is maintained in the base of each trough through independent filler tubes and overflow systems.
  • All water filling tubes are self-sealing against the ingress of spores and bacteria.
  • A dual filter system is incorporated giving increased filtration, the outer pad being used as a pre-filter.
  • Disposable 'Super-Vee' pads allow the rear filter to be brought forward as a pre-filter when these items require changing.
  • The unit is supplied with 120 12.7 cm (5 inch) diameter pots together with transparent covers.
  • Open ended covers can be fabricated to facilitate the growth of plants at a more mature stage.
Overall dimensions: 200 x 117 x 153 cm (79 x 46 x 60 inches) without propagator pots
Nett weight: 335 kg (738 lb)
Gross weight: 500 kg (1,100 lb)
Power consumption: 30 watts


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