Johnson and Taylor insect suction trap

For correction factors for wind speed and insect size see Taylor (Ann. appl. Biol. Vol. 50, pp 405 - 421). The catch is segregated at pre-set time intervals (min.-hours) to show flight periodicity.

Construction and Equipment Details

Welded tubular steel construction, heavy cadmium plate finish to prevent corrosion.
Control Box:
Steel chassis and case, tastefully finished in hammer green stove enamel, housing switching network and timer coupled to the trap through waterproof rubber power sockets.
Multi-speed reversible unit of improved design to give uninterrupted air flow. Available for use on all voltages and frequencies.
Disc Dropping Assembly:
Solenoid actuated release mechanism pulsed from timer, manufactured from non-corrosive materials and encased in an acetate cylinder to give trouble-free operation. Easy removal of collecting cone and magazine facilitates maintenance.

Standard equipment includes: 1 set of discs with loading bar, disc removal rod and end cap for magazine.

JT trap
General Specification
Fan diameter: (9 in) 23 cm (9"); (12 in) 31 cm (12")
Fan speed, max.: (9 in) 1,500 rpm; (12 in) 1,300 rpm
Vol. of air moved at max. speed: (9 in) 850 m/h (500 cfm); (12 in) 1,750m/h (1,030 cfm)
Fan voltages 110 v a.c., 60 Hz; 220 v a.c., 50 Hz: To be stated when ordering
Max. no. discs: 25 (fully loaded)
Overall height of trap: 1.83 m (6'0")
Overall width of trap: (9in) 483 x 431 mm (1'7" x 1'5 "); (12in) 584 x 533 mm (1'11" x 1'9")
Nett weight: (9 in) 25.4 kg (56 lb); (12 in) 39.9 kg (88 lb)
Gross weight: (9 in) 69 kg (152 lb); (12 in) 76 kg (168 lb)
Extra Equipment: Additional magazines, discs, stand guy ropes.


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