Personal volumetric air sampler

A Volumetric portable Air Sampler weighing only 590 g for collecting airborne particle matter directly on to glass slides. Designed for short-term sampling in domestic or industrial environments particularly where no power supplies are available. The impaction orifice is mounted in the vertical plane and the instrument operates at a nominal air throughput of 10 litres per minute. Powered by a high precision DC motor the sampler is available for mains or battery operation and completely safe in domestic or hazardous areas.

Changing of the glass slide is quick and simple through the knurled upper ring which can be rotated to the 'open' position marked by the alignment of the RED dots. Standard 76 x 26 mm or 3 x l inch glass slides can be accommodated.

Where rechargeable Nickel Cadmium cells are required a connection socket is fitted on the side of the instrument for charging from an external source. The base of the device bears an 'on-off' switch and interval timer enabling operation time to be selected for 1-9 minutes. When the selector is set to '0' the turbine runs continuously. The 700 mAh nickel cadmium batteries supply a fully compensating electronic control circuit to ensure correct motor speed so long as voltage is adequate.

Continuous air sampler
A red LED indicator fitted in the front of the base flashes when the sampler is running and indicates that air flow is correct. At the end of the timed cycle the flashing LED stops but the audible bleep will sound every 4 seconds indicating that the test is successfully completed but the switch should now be moved to the 'off' position. An intermittent audible bleep sounds when the batteries need recharging but airflow is still correct. Should the LED show red and the alarm sound continuously then the instrument should be switched off because the voltage is inadequate.

Construction and Equipment Details

Manufactured from high quality materials, this sampler is designed for trouble free operation. The finest Swiss DC motors are selected using precious metal brushgear. Lightweight aluminium and plastic construction makes it convenient for use in remote or confined areas.

The following equipment is supplied as standard: Mains adapter for recharging the NiCad batteries at a controlled rate. An alternative mains adapter will be supplied when the sampler is required for continuous use and NiCad batteries are not fitted. When ordering please state voltage and model required.

General Specification

Overall height: 115 mm (4 inches)
Diameter: 88 mm (3 inches)
Nett Weight: 640 g (1.4 lb)
Optional power sources: 110 volts 60 Hz; 220 volts 50 Hz or by NiCad cells


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