Potter spray tower

Suitable for studying the biological effects of chemicals both when applied as a direct spray on the organisms or as a residual film. This design incorporates more recent developments from Rothamsted Experimental Station, Harpenden, Herts, England, including the following: quickly detachable atomisers pneumatically operated spray table and all air controls mounted on attached instrument panels. A 0-2 kg/cm² pressure gauge is fitted as standard equipment.

Construction and Equipment Details

Frame: Manufactured from extruded Aluminium Alloy section in pleasing self colour finish of light and durable construction.
Spray Table: Precision made Aluminium Alloy spinning with high finish internally and matt external surfaces, positioned centrally by three screws mounted on the intermediate platform.
Nozzles: Units supplied in pairs as standard equipment for Intermediate and Final spraying. Manufactured to close tolerance giving an accurate spray formation, with stainless steel jet and pick-up tube. Fully adjustable assembly for level and centralising over the spray tube.
Spray Table: Adjustable for height within the piston of the air cylinder and fitted with eccentrics to the test platform for positioning the specimen dish beneath the spray tube.
Air Pressure: Constant supply of 1.5 - 2 kg/cm2 through the input connection controlled by an on/off switch and exhaust valve. Fine adjustment is made by a sensitive needle valve on the left hand side of the instrument giving direct reading on the pressure gauge, or manometer (which is supplied as an extra). This pressure operates the air jack and nozzle head simultaneously.
Manometer: Provision is made at the rear of the instrument to accommodate the use of a manometer if required. Level Four screwed feet in the base of the instrument provides easy levelling in conjunction with the spirit level on the intermediate platform.
Potter tower

General Specification
Height x width x depth: 122 x 36 x 36 cm (48 x 14 x14 inches)
Diameter of Spray Tube: Top Flange: 15.7 cm; Bottom Flange: 11.9 cm
Max. diameter of specimen dish on table: 11 cm
Max. working pressure: 2 kg/cm²
Capacity of reservoir: 24 ml
Shipping weights: Nett: 21 kg; Gross: 32 kg
Volume Metric: 52 kg

Extra Equipment
  • Manometer
  • Portable Air Compressor complete with couplings and pressure valves


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