Univac portable suction sampler

A knapsack shoulder-mounted, motorised vacuum unit fitted with the well-proven JLO Type 35 two-stroke engine. At a modest 3,500 r.p.m. the air speed at the 6 cm diameter intake nozzle fitted to the flexible collecting tube is approximately 300 kph (185 mph) and a static vacuum in excess of 180 mm Hg can be obtained. The collected material can be stored in the electrolytically-formed perforated screen fitted with the plenum chamber, or in a variety of paper bag inserts. The sample obtained may be easily removed as the vacuum-retained cover is released automatically when the engine throttle is closed.

This robust unit, weighing less than 12 kg, enables a wide range of sampling to be efficiently and speedily undertaken. Particular attention has been given to ease of servicing and replacement of the main drive belt without tooling.

The instrument is supplied complete with 1.8 m of clear plastic suction hose.

General Specification
Vacuum: 180 mm Hg
Velocity (6 cm I.D. inlet): 300 km/h (185 mph)
Length: 38 cm (15 inches)
Width: 25 cm (10 inches)
Height: 50 cm (20 inches)
Nett weight approx.: 11.34 kg (25 lb)
Fuel tank capacity: 1.25 litres (0.33 gal. U.S.)


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