7 day recording volumetric spore trap

A compact unit with built-in vacuum pump, designed to sample airborne particles such as fungus spores and pollens, continuously for periods of up to seven days without attention.

Particles are impacted on adhesive coated transparent plastic tape supported on a clockwork-driven drum.

Performance of the standard model is similar to the trap described by Hirst in 1952 (Ann. App. Biol. 39, pp 257-265) but interchangeable orifices can be supplied to special order to improve the trapping efficiency for particles in the range 1 to 10 µm diameter.

Construction and Equipment Details

The trap is constructed from materials which are light in weight, making it readily portable for field use. All parts are treated to prevent corrosion against normal weather conditions and the unit finished in Oyster Green hammer enamel. Attention has been given to the changeover of drums, which is quick and simple in operation. Double-sided adhesive tape is used to secure the Melinex tape around the drum. The vacuum pump is available for use most voltages and frequencies. An alternative lid assembly is available to enable monitoring to be carried out over 24 hour periods.

Standard Equipment

The Spore Trap is supplied with one roll of 'Melinex' tape and one roll of double sided tape, together with the laboratory stand and Perspex cutting block.

7 day spore trap
General Specification
Overall height: 94 cm (37 inch)
Working area of trap with standard vane: 0.89 m˛ (9.61 feet˛) through 53 cm (21 inch) radius.
Throughput: 10 l/min (0.35 cfm)
Drum speed: 1 revolution in 7 days at 2 mm/hour.
Standard orifice: 2 mm x 14 mm
Tape: Melinex clear tape 200 gauge.
Shipping weight: Nett - 16 kg. Gross - 34 kg.
Case size: 57 x 65 x 65 cm (23 x 26 x 26 inches)

Optional extras:

42/20 'Gelvatol' available in ˝ kg packs; Alternative orifice, size 2 x 14 mm reducing to 5 mm; Additional drums; Alternative lid assembly for 24 hour sampling directly onto glass slide; Flowmeter for measuring throughput at the sampling orifice; Anodised aluminium carrying case with lid.


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