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Burkard Manufacturing Co Ltd

Burkard Manufacturing Co Ltd

Scientific equipment for Medical, Environmental, Agricultural and Laboratory Sciences

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Burkard hand microapplicator

Product Description

Five different drop sizes may be selected by sliding a single selector control knob. Depressing the control knob permits free rotation of the main drum. Drop sizes range from 0.25 microlitres when fitted with all-glass syringes.

Construction and Equipment Details

The Applicator is constructed from non-ferrous materials with all components either hard anodised or electro-plated in satin chrome finish.

Drop sizes normally available are 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2 and 5 microlitres and selection is quick and simple.

Ten times the volumes shown can be obtained by the use of 10 ml all glass syringes

Hand microapplicator
The BURKARD all-glass syringe is clamped or released by turning a single knurled screw and the 10 ml syringes are supplied complete with adapter for mounting direct into the cover tube.
The mounting of the applicator enables it to be clamped in any position during use.

The following equipment is supplied as standard:

One BURKARD all-glass syringe.
Two hypodermic needles.

Extra Equipment: 10 ml all-glass syringe complete with stainless steel mounting sleeve (currently unavailable).

Additional information

Dimensions WxLxH

Overall 12.7 cm x 15.2 cm x 9 cm
Base plate dimensions 10 x 15 cm

Nett weight

1.35 kg

Gross weight

1.92 kg

Maximum delivery capacity

With Burkard 1 ml syringe: 500 µl

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