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Monks Wood light trap


Product Description

The trap was originally developed to sample medically important insects such as mosquitoes, midges, sand-flies and black-flies. However, it has proved useful in catching agricultural pests and a wide variety of other small insects. An aluminium cover is fitted to help exclude rain, but this can be removed when it is used indoors. An easily removable wire mesh screen can be mounted underneath the light source to exclude the larger insects.

The trap operates from a standard 12 v car battery. A choice of fluorescent light tubes are available, e.g. warm white, daylight or UV light, which operate through a transistor ballast encased in a stout metal case. A small motor underneath the light draws the catch down into a detachable cloth collecting bag, which has a large slit-like opening to give free access for emptying the trap. The introduction of a wad of wet cotton-wool, covered with blotting paper, at the bottom of the bag helps maintain the catch alive.

The trap can either be operated manually or through a photoelectric light cell mounted on the top of the ballast box. This automatically switches the trap on at dusk and off at dawn. When working through the light cell, a small wire mesh cone can be placed in the neck of the collecting bag to prevent the catch escaping when the trap is automatically switched off.

Both the light tube and motor are easily removed for replacement or servicing. The trap can be readily dismantled for packing.

Additional information


23 cm, 6 watt (0.87 A) fluorescent light tube


3.4 v d.c. (0.37 A)

Nett weight

Approx 2.5 kg

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